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Smart Board Resources

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Getting Started

Hardware Basics for Front Projection SMART Boards


Basic Help Sheet


How to Orient the SMART Board


Other Training Center Resources for Getting Started


General Resources


Smart Technologies Educator Resource Page  - This is the manufacturer of the Smart Board's website for great resources for utilizing the Smart board in the classroom.  Web address:  http://education.smarttech.com/ste/en-us/


Smart Technologies Online Trainer - Here you can take online training from the experts at SMART.  Web address:  http://smarttech.com/trainingcenter/online/index.asp


SMART Technologies E-Newsletter - Sign up for the free e-newsletter directly from SMART.  Web address:  http://education.smarttech.com/ste/en-US/Community/Newsletter/default.htm


Interactive Magazine past issues http://smarttech.com/us/Resources/SMART+Publications/Interactive+Educator


PowerPoint - Directions on how to effectively use PowerPoint with the SMART Board.  Web address:  http://downloads.smarttech.com/media/trainingcenter/95powerpoint.pdf


Speller - Directions on how to effectively use Speller with the SMART Board.  Web address:  http://downloads.smarttech.com/media/services/quickreferences/pdf/english/spellerqr.pdf


Word -  Simple directions on how to use Microsoft Word with the SMART Board.  Web address:  http://downloads.smarttech.com/media/trainingcenter/95word_classroom.pdf


Number Cruncher - Simple directions on how to use Number Cruncher with the SMART Board.  Web address:  http://downloads.smarttech.com/media/services/quickreferences/pdf/english/cruncher.pdf


SMART Board Ideas - various ideas on how to use Smart Boards.  Web address:  http://www.eduscapes.com/sessions/smartboard/


SB Resources - SMART Board  collected resources.  Web address:  http://its.leesummit.k12.mo.us/smartboard.htm


Tricks and Tips Training Videos


Magnifying glass trick

Text to speech

Touch and Reveal

Erase and Reveal

Using Pull Tabs

Object Animation

Adding Youtube Videos to Smartnotebook

Layering Part 1

Layering Part 2

Shape Pen

Page Sorter

Magic Pen

Touch, Write and Save

Ink Aware

PowerPoint on the Smartboard

Lesson Activity Tool Kit 1

Lesson Activity Tool Kit 2

Lesson Activity Tool Kit 3

Lesson Activity Tool Kit 4

Lesson Activity Using the Checker Tool


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